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This course covers On Page and Off Page Search Engine Optimization which will allow you to run your own online marketing campaign. It can appear daunting at first, just try typing ‘SEO’ into Google and see what you get, there seems to be a limitless way of optimising your website in order to appear higher in the search results, gain more traffic and hence more enquiries and customers.

Although we say that we cover the basics, our SEO courses will give you everything you need to know, all in one day (yes – it’s quite intensive) from the top to the bottom. The course changes continuously as the latest thinking in Social Media Bookmarking for example is explored, but we’ll only put in our course what really works. We’ve been selling online using our own campaigns for 7 years so can really talk from an experience point of view.

google checkoutFor example, there is lots and lots of talk on the Internet about the latest way to promote your site through Social Bookmarking but do you know how to perform thorough keyword research? Without this everything else is doomed from the start, we will show you not only how to do this but which tools to use for best effect. Its vital that you understand not just what phrases attract a lot of searches but which ones are going to be the most effective for your business? It never ceases to amaze me that the initial phrases clients give me end up not being the ones we’d pick to optimise first. This course is about SEO from the top to the bottom and while it’s an intensive one day course, it will give a blue print to move your business forward.

What does the course cover? Click Here to view the course notes.

Following the course, all course notes are available online, you get an SEO blue print and a follow up webinar to make sure you’ve got off on the right foot.

We look at how we make sure that your web pages are as attractive to Google as possible.

After this training you’ll be able to optimise your website for the natural search listings, pay per click, blogs, You Tube, Squidoo, build links, optimise your Google local account and lots more.

Our Google Adwords Training

Despite best efforts of natural SEO as outlined above it can still take a long time to see results – depending on the market place you’re in. Google Adwords provides a way of appearing on the first page of a Google search immediately.

You pay for each click to your website and a campaign can provide you with fantastic data to feed directly into your natural SEO activities as you can see in real time the keywords users are typing into Google to find you. Although most searchers click on the natural listings, 30% still click on the Ads so you’ll get enquiries and business but search data that you can feed directly back into your website content.

Video Introduction to the SEO Training School.

Our training covers setting up campaigns, Ad Groups, Budget setting, enhancing click through rates and ongoing campaign management as well as setting up Goals & Conversions.

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Our next public courses can be found here but we also run private SEO courses which can be arranged to suit you – call for details. We can quite happily run courses throughout the UK, just recently the areas we’ve covered include:

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