Backlinks as part of your SEO Plan

Why is a backlink strategy so important?

For many people in business today ‘networking’ or referrals is the best way of selling. You meet people and if you get on, you can develop a business relationship.

Referrals, where a friend or colleague refers you to someone because you’ve given them a good service is even better. Word of mouth marketing like this is unbeatable!

So, what has this got to do with a backlinking strategy for your website?

Let’s start by looking at what ‘linking’ is.

An external link in SEO terms is when another website has a link to yours. Mostly it will be to your home page but it can be to any page. For example if the link refers to a specific product or service you sell, then link to that page – so called deep site links.

This link text is important as well, and where possible should reflect one of your best keywords. So now we know what linking is, why is it important – particularly to our old friend Google?

Well, Google sees a link to your site as a referral.

In simple terms, if someone links to your site, then it’s like a business referral, after all, you’re not going to link to a site that you don’t like or rate are you?

The more links hence referrals you have, the better.

Google particularly like industry related links, from trade bodies or organisations. When you think about it, a referral from someone in authority should carry more weight.

Your link strategy should be built surely and steadily over time, Google doesn’t like 500 links appearing overnight and a much more sensible strategy is to add around 10 per month.

Thera  are money ways of growing links and we can offer you advice on the best ones for your business and what sort of strategy will work over time.

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