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Why bother with Google Adwords?

If you can imagine having the biggest shop in the biggest shopping centre in the country, then you can picture what Google Adwords can do for you.  Some people make the comment that “they don’t click on the adverts” and while this to some extent is true, you’ll find that at least 35% of searchers will use the ads and in my experience for certain things it will be more than this.

Google AdwordsThe best thing apart from getting enquiries and making sales about Google Ads is that it gives you fantastic data for your natural SEO work. It will tell you what keywords searchers used to find you, what pages they visited, how long they stayed on the site etc. For example you could be a landscape gardener in Leeds or a portrait painter in Doncaster but how do you know exactly what people have typed in order to find you?

You will be familiar with a typical Search Engine Results Page (SERP) below from Google. The results highlighted in red are paid adverts, the Appearing high in the natural search is extremely valuable but can be expensive and time consuming, the Google adverts or Adwords (also known as ‘Pay Per Click’ or ‘Cost Per Click’ advertising) allow you to appear almost instantaneously on page 1 of Google.


The real expertise is setting up and managing the Google Adwords campaign, choosing the right keywords, the  right daily budget and then implementing your Adwords campaign. We can train you to monitor and develop your campaigns in house on an ongoing basis. If you would like us to manage the campaign for you then we are more than happy to do this for you. Whatever you do online, I strongly advise you to run a Pay Per Click campaign.

google adwords management

Our Service Overview

1. Consultation with you to understand the key points about your business
2. Put together an initial list of keywords that potential customers could use to find you on the web
3. Research additional keywords and estimate Cost Per Click values
4. Write a proposal containing the list of keywords we think you should use as a starting point
5. Train you to set up Google Ads and how to monitor them on an ongoing basis
6. Set up monthly review meetings to look at additional keywords, review Ad text, implement changes and develop new opportunities.

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