Social Media

Social Media is being talked about more and more and with increasing regularity in connection with not just customer engagement but SEO. Social media can succeed where standard corporate sites can’t. Corporate sites are there for standard company type information but more often than not they’re not exactly stimulating reading. Social Media sites allow ‘direct touch’ with the end user and makes them feel like they’re in direct touch with you. The other huge impact of social media sites like Facebook is that peer groups and friends can recommend products and services very easily.

This is where social media can really score.

Imagine having real interaction with your visitors with them filling in polls, competitions, uploading photos, joining forums and making blog posts. This is before they’re following your Twitter streams  and visiting your Facebook site, recommending you to their friends and sharing videos and photos.

All this is possible with social media.

The question is exactly how you do it. One of the techniques we use it to create keyword clouds using Social Media as a giant hub, you can also look to use real customer interaction to form the basis of your email campaigns and much more. Joining a group in your sphere of expertise and giving away information for free is another way of getting directly in front of your clients.

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