Blogs for SEO

Blogs are a must for any company in today’s search market place.

They can either be internal which we’d recommend for company’s who target national or international searchers (remember, the bigger the site the better it will rank) or external which we’d recommend if you target purely local traffic. If you’re not running a stand alone blog with a domain name based on one of your keywords, then you are missing out on a MASSIVE opportunity.

Blogs are no longer the domain of the cyber geek. They are a fantastic way of having a direct communication with your customers outside of the dare I say boring world of your corporate website. WordpressThe communication benefits aside, there is a fantastic blogging platform available called WordPress which is incredibly well supported with a variety of plugins and extensions. There’s also a huge choice of templates available from the well known WordPress blue site to very very rich templates. All the following are wordpress sites – amazing eh? Oh, and don’t be fooled by the simple looking ones they rank at number 1 & 2 for their keywords.

The Furniture Store

We have a strategy that encompasses the platform strategy, set up, plugins, SEO and keeping the site updated. If you’d like to know how, just give us a call.