Facebook was initially designed by a couple of college students as a way of keeping in touch with their fellow students – how things have changed!

A few Facebook facts:

  • More than 400 million active users
  • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • Average user has 130 friends
  • People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook
  • We get asked whether Facebook is a worthwhile business tool and our advice depends on what your business does.

    FacebookFacebook works very well if you sell in the consumer market place, especially things that people use a lot or hobby based products. People will always spend money on what they enjoy doing and if you think about what Facebook does i.e. allow you to form groups of like minded people with the same interest, this gives you a great opportunity to form such a community.

    Think about Facebook from a customer engagement point of view. You’re probably best not to sell overtly on Facebook but by providing regular product and service updates, competitions etc you’re promoting your products and services directly to the people who have either bought from you before or are very likely to. Also, don’t lose sight of the fact that social media platforms like Facebook make it very easy for you subscribers to recommend you to their friends and we will always take our peer’s advice over bland review sites, make a good impression and your followers will do your marketing for you.

    If you’re interested in Facebook forming part of your Social Media strategy, call us.