YouTube Videos

Unless you’re really into SEO, then you may not have really thought about this but Youtube videos can be really powerful content for your website.

Think about it. Most websites are fairly flat, relatively boring and stuffed with static page after page, what better way to get your searchers really interested in you and your services than appearing on a video where you get to actually talk to your clients, so they get to hear what you sound like and and see what you look like? Now, before you all run to the hills and give me that ‘I’m not appearing on any video malarchy’ if I can do it so can you. I mean this is me talking about my blog (it’s actually the blog intro video)

Talk authoritatively about your subject and and provide lots of valuable tips and advice and your well on your way there.

Of course, there are ways of optimising your video and we can help you with that, but once we’ve done it a few times you’ll pick it up no problem.

As an example the video about was position 6 for the term ‘SEO training doncaster’ the day after I made it, see below:

seo training google top ten

and by the way, that’s my blog number 1 & 2! If you’d like us to help you with this, just give us a call.