Get More Followers On Twitter

get more followers on Twitter serviceOk, so you’ve set Twitter up, started following a few people and a couple have followed you back and you’ve even managed to get some Tweets off the ground but what next?  

more twitter followersWell, you have to continue to build your profile which means getting more followers and writing more Tweets making sure they all contain real information that your followers are likely to find interesting and make them feel like you’re an expert with something useful to say, even position yourself as the industry expert – all sounds good hmmmm……..  

Unfortunately, in order to do this you’re going to have get lots and lots of people to follow you, write at least 1-3 Tweets a day, oh and that’s in addition to your main job!  

build twitter followersIf you’re looking to get more followers on Twitter you’re faced with a problem – you need more followers to give your profile some umph, however, doing it yourself by hand is going to take a long time and a lots dedication and take time you probably don’t have.  

Welcome to our new service – Monthly Twitter Management!

How does this sound?  

  • All this can be done for you and you don’t need to do anything (Yes – really!)
  • Generate followers in your industry sector
  • Follow industry leaders
  • Tweet timely, relevant, industry leading Tweets
  • Manually add your own Tweets if you want to
  • Watch your Twitter profile grow without lifting a finger
  • Concentrate on your real job while this all happens in the background

get more followers on twitter  

Sound good? Well, sign up for our service for just £29.95 + VAT per month! £29.95 – that’s it! Ask yourself – How much time do I currently spend, managing my Twitter account? A lot more than £30 per month of your time that’s for sure!!  

“2 months ago I had 70 followers, this week I’ve got 1,431 and you’ve taken care of everything!!”

Look at the results for 2 of our clients over a very short time period:

Our services will give you the following:  

MORE Twitter followers                                                                                                          
MORE Tweets
MORE Experts you can follow
AUTOMATIC inclusion of a website link in every Tweet
EASY way of measuring progress – check your Twitter profile!

Twitter Service FAQ'sQuestions? Check out our FAQ’s: We will be keeping our list of frequently asked questions up to date as they’re asked so if you any queries please fire away! Its important that ypu’re happy with the service. Use the contact form or email:

How it works – Set It & Forget It!

  1. You tell us what industry sector you’re interested in
  2. What industry leaders you want to follow
  3. We find latest news from your chosen sector
  4. We then create Tweets for you

At the same time we build followers

The result?  A bigger Twitter profile

twitter graderHow good is your current Twitter account? 

Visit Twitter Grader to find out  

To take advantage of this service, all you have to do is sign up for our free trial and watch your Twitter profile grow!  

get more followers on twitter